multi-media artist

    #redandblue is an ongoing community driven photo project. It asks participants to seek the colors red and blue in combination within their everyday surroundings. The development of this project started when I began to use the colors in my artwork. As I used the color more I started to see the combination naturally occur in my surroundings. I documented each time I saw the occurrence and shared it on social media. As I shared these observations my followers shared with me where they would also see the combination. Without any solicitation, I evoked an awareness of the frequency of these colors, showing the power of observation and community engagement. By engaging in this project my participants are practicing their own observational and creative skills.
    Being interested in human physiology, I researched why these colors seem to vibrate when they are next to one another. Upon further research I discovered that red and blue sit on either end of our visual spectrum. They are opposites, the keepers of our sight and they work together to balance our visual perception of our world. This fact has led me to use the combination as a way to express the function of opposites and our own humanness to create social and environmental change.