multi-media artist

Untitled. Unofficial. Fractured. Directed. Dissected. 

Unrecognizable When the Face Is Sold to Everyone.

The Change In Scale Is a Basic Depth Cue. Trace the Influences That Give the Content. 

How to Remove a Title. Have No Name. Consume the Titled. Avoid Interpretation.

Michael Jackson is Untitled.

    The Untitled are the celebrities not yet formed. The Untitled are reproduced and repeated until they obtain a meaning that can be held on to — Titled. The meaning is fluid and ever-changing but the image remains the same.
    The space where the celebrity is inflated into a “real” and interactive entity lies within the boundaries of the visible light spectrum — where red becomes infrared and blue becomes ultraviolet. By using video, sound and repetition I allude to the convoluted relationship between design and interpretation. The inflation of a celebrity comes from within us, how we interpret an image is a direct reflection of our own desires, fears and experiences being manipulated by the construction and design of an image.