multi-media artist

Paige Madden


Paige Madden is a multimedia artist in Seattle working with found and recycled objects in the colors red and blue. Her work ranges from two and three-dimensional pieces to public performance. Paige seeks to demonstrate that art is within everyone and every object through her use of post-consumer materials and facilitating participatory art pieces. Above all else she believes in love and the power of red and blue. These colors symbolize the balance and duality of life, containing deep roots in human physiology and color psychology and history.


2014 BA Studio Art, The College of Wooster, Wooster, OH

Solo Exhibitions

2017 Red Light, Blue Night, Urban ArtWorks, Seattle, WA
2017 Living Statue: Human Heart, Seattle ReCreative, Seattle, WA
2016 The Untitled (Michael Jackson), Jefferson Market Library, New York City, New York (forthcoming)
2016 VESSEL, Wood's Distillery, Salida, Colorado
2015 Untitled, solo show, Sweetie's Sandwich Shop, Salida, Colorado
2015 Exploring & Observing Our Visual Culture, The Hive Collective, Salida, Colorado
2015 Untitled Show, Cafe Dawn, Salida, Colorado
2015 Stand, Watch, Converse., Broad Oak Investments, Salida, Colorado
2014 This Product is 100% Unofficial, Ebert Art Gallery, College of Wooster, Ohio

Selected Group Exhibitions

2016 Her Environment, Chicago, Illinois
2016 On Edge, Edge Gallery, Denver, Colorado
2016 Collective Mural Project on Colfax and Williams, Denver, Colorado
2016 Gift of Getting, Indyink Gallery, Denver, Colorado
2015 Bibelot, Kanon gallery, Denver, Colorado
2015 Shopping for Images, Wood's High Mountain Distillery, Salida, Colorado


2015 Luminous Bodies, Artscape at Gibraltar Point, Toronto, Canada