multi-media artist

Living Statue is an on-going traveling project. I am bringing my art straight to the public making it free and accessible to all. The costume is made to represent a human heart. Composed of two halves, one red and one blue, an intake and outtake working together to sustain our lives. It is this same method of intake and outtake in which the character comes to life. I remain still until a contribution is given, then I give a token of gratitude, the red and blue spinning heart. Some may refer to this as a transaction, but I see it as an interaction between two strangers, between life and art. The costume is made from found and recycled objects. As I travel to and from places I collect items to add to the costume. The costume will be a constant development, never to be "finished". I seek to demonstrate the woeful neglect of what our consumer culture is doing to our planet and ourselves. I am spreading love, sharing awareness and advocating that you must give in order to receive.